This Berlin Life – Live!

Ecstatic, sexy, poor, decadent, entertaining, real, funny, sad – there are so many adjectives to describe Berlin. But what is life in Berlin really like? Especially when you are from another country? This Berlin Life – the new stage production of the BredemeyerCompany in association with puta madre – takes you on a tour to the Berlin which opens up only to those who came here from abroad. Be it from the United States, Canada, France, England, Paraguay or Passau – we believe that everybody has his own story about life in Berlin which is worth sharing with others. On a regular basis we present the  funniest, saddest and most Berlin stories submitted to us from people all over the world live on stage.


THIS BERLIN LIFE – VOL. 6 – coming up

12 and 13 july 2013

9 p.m.


(somewhere under the wide open sky – exact coordinates tba)

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Interested in being part of This Berlin Life? One of the stories presented in one of the next shows could be yours! Just submit your story to us via email and if we pick it (don’t worry, this is not a literary contest, the story itself matters), we will include it in one of the TBL evenings to come. You may even tell the story yourself (or have it told by a professional actor).  Of course there will be professional guidance by Bert and Jan (both being experienced theatre directors). But that’s not all: we will also start a This Berlin Life podcast where stories read will be made available to a greater public via the internet. Interested? Then send your story to and we will contact you for details. Hope to see you and/or read from you soon!

Bert and Jan