Flashback and Recording: Volume 2 (March 2011)

Volume 2 of This Berlin Life Рlive could be seen on march 20, 21 and 27 @ Café Stadtkind (Lychener Str. 39, Berlin).

Livestreamrecording via Ustream

The show featured the following stories and presenters:

At the Berlinale – Marcus Speh (presented by himself)
Early Retirement – Nathaniel Barron (presented by Sir Henry)
AGB – Nancy Chapple (herself)
Cussing Out Old Ladies – Nathaniel Barron (himself)
Him and me – Bert Vandecasteele (himself)
Court Jester of the U8 – Paula Varjack (herself)
Jews in Berlin – Kim Yaged (herself)
Jacqueline Bisset and me – Matt Potter (Jake Witlen)

The show was hosted by Mandy Rudski (aka Mandy Kasopke).

Directed by Bert Bredemeyer and Jan Dirk Roggenkamp. Assistant Jake Witlen.

Volume 2 coming up!

Yey! We finally found a nice new venue for the next edition of This Berlin Life. Volume 2 will premiere on March 20 @ Stadtkind in Prenzlauer Berg. Thus, we are now looking for further stories to present. If you are interested in participating, please submit your berlin stories to story@thisberlinlife.de ASAP. We do not have a strict deadline this time, but we will start rehearsing a week before the 20th.