Flashback and Recording: Volume 2 (March 2011)

Volume 2 of This Berlin Life Рlive could be seen on march 20, 21 and 27 @ Café Stadtkind (Lychener Str. 39, Berlin).

Livestreamrecording via Ustream

The show featured the following stories and presenters:

At the Berlinale – Marcus Speh (presented by himself)
Early Retirement – Nathaniel Barron (presented by Sir Henry)
AGB – Nancy Chapple (herself)
Cussing Out Old Ladies – Nathaniel Barron (himself)
Him and me – Bert Vandecasteele (himself)
Court Jester of the U8 – Paula Varjack (herself)
Jews in Berlin – Kim Yaged (herself)
Jacqueline Bisset and me – Matt Potter (Jake Witlen)

The show was hosted by Mandy Rudski (aka Mandy Kasopke).

Directed by Bert Bredemeyer and Jan Dirk Roggenkamp. Assistant Jake Witlen.

Just two shows left… new stories sought

Hello again. With just two more shows left, we are already planning the next volume(s) of ThisBerlinLife live. We think that the next show will be in February 2011. Thus, if you have a story you would like to submit and/or present please contact us via stories@thisberlinlife.de! Looking forward to reading from you!

The jury is in session!

It’s the 22 of October and the deadline has passed. We want to thank you all for submitting so many funny, melancholic, creative stories to stories@thisberlinlife.de. We are having a hard time selecting the best variety for the first This Berlin Life show in November. However, if you want to be part of ThisBerlinLife: the deadline for the second show (in January) is 31 December 2010. Looking forward to reading from you!

By the way: we will publish excerpts from stories that will be on the show soon.

Preparing the breakthrough

Once again Bert and I are enjoying the cheap beer at the Wombat’s rooftop bar while planning the first This Berlin Life night. Still looking for an assistant (apply!) and stories (submit!). Cheers!

Hello World!

The project has only been born in our heads yesterday and today we already have a webpage including a blog up and running. Cool!