This Berlin Life – Terms and Conditions for authors of stories submitted to us (“T’s&C’s”)
1. This Berlin Life is a show, where people may send in stories and tell them (or have them told) live on stage.

2. The author of a story (“Author”), which has been submitted (e.g. – but not limited to – via e-mail to story@thisberlinlife.de) (“Story”) to the This Berlin Life team (“Team”) grants the Team the non-exclusive right to present that story on stage. Furthermore, the Author grants the Team to record the show for the purpose of publishing it on the Internet (e.g. but not limited to thisberlinlife.de or facebook.com or by means of podcasting). The Team will inform the Author of the inclusion of the Story in the This Berlin Life programme. The name and/or pseudonym of the Author will be told to the show audience unless the Author tells the team that he does not wish to be named. The Author agrees that if he is not willing or able to present his story on stage by himself, the Story will be told by an actor, which is chosen by the Team.

3. The Author grants the Team the right to present the Story (or parts of the Story) on the This Berlin Life webpage, which is accessible under www.thisberlinlife.de, and/or other online media or internet services, including but not limited to facebook.com.

4. The Author assures the Team that he is the actual author of the Story and that he has the right to grant the aforementioned rights and he shall indemnify and defend the Team from and against any claims, losses, liabilities, expenses, damages and settlement amounts (including legal fees and costs) incurred by any third party, if this is not the case.

5. The Author is aware that This Berlin Life is a no-budget production. Thus, the Author grants the aforementioned rights without remuneration.

6. The Author is aware that there is no guarantee that the Story will be chosen by the Team to be presented on stage. He may not claim otherwise.

7. No addition to or modification of these T’s&C’s shall be binding on the Team unless agreed upon via e-mail or in writing.

Berlin, 1 September 2010